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Manufacturer: Disney    Classification:  Walt Disney Classics Collection > Pinocchio 
Wdcc Pinocchio & Jiminy Numbered Limited #4019507 OUT OF STOCK NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR ORDER WITH US

Item # 2657
Our Price:  $175.00

Pinocchio And Jiminy…..Numbered Limited Edition!!! Available Spring 2011
Knowing the star of Pinocchio had to be appealing, Walt Disney directed his artists to “win the audience to the little guy.” The loving living puppet was enhanced with vocal artist Dickie Jones, who Walt said, had a “typical nice boy’s voice.” Walt also created a cricket sidekick, but reported, “At first we made Jiminy sort of a pompous fellow-kind of a windbag.” But voice artist Cliff Edwards performance had “so much life and fun it that we altered the character to conform to the voice. Thus Jiminy comes to the screen….lively and full of quips.” Jiminy (the cricket sized sculpture is bronze) wants the little woodenhead to call on him any time, so as the little conscience cheerfully chirps, all Pinocchio needs to do is give a little whistle. This adorable sculpture of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket is entitled “Anytime you need me, you know, just whistle!” and stands 6” in height. It is a numbered limited edition of only 750 pieces. The piece was sculpted by Bruce Lau. As with all numbered limited sculptures the pieces are available while supply lasts. Available spring 2011

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Manufacturer:  Disney
Model:  Pinocchio Jiminy
Brand:  Wdcc


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