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Manufacturer: Enesco    Classification:  Precious Moments > Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs 
Snow White "Heigh Ho It's Off To Play We Go" #630038

Item # 2359
Our Price:  $65.00

Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Never be afraid to dream with all your heart. For every girl who every girl who ever imagined to be a Cinderella, this piece brings the fairy tale to life. Available November 15th 2006.

A Precious Moments History

For over 20 years Sam Butcher and his Precious Moments artwork have brought hope, comfort and joy to millions of people all over the world. It is hard to believe that this worldwide phenomenon, which encompasses figurines, plush animals, dolls, ornaments and giftware, originally started as a small greeting card business that was more of a hobby to its creator than a career.

The story behind Precious Moments beginnings, is quite unique. While at a Los Angeles, California trade show in 1978, Eugene Freedman, then CEO and Chairman of Enesco Corporation, was struck by a young man named Sam Butcher and his series of Precious Moments greeting cards. The cards depicted a number of teardrop-eyed children, each portraying a different inspirational message of comfort and hope. Freedman immediately realized the potential within the artist. However, when he offered to turn the cards into a line of collectible figurines, Butcher initially refused, claiming that the illustrations would lose their message in three-demensional form.

Freedman , nonetheless, brought one of the the cards to his longtime friend, Japanese sculptor Yasuhei Fujioka and asked him to create a porcelain figurine of the drawing. Butcher was so overwhelmed when he saw how perfectly the outcome expressed his message, that, when he saw the piece, be began to weep with joy. Thus Precious Moments was born. That piece, now known as Precious Moments,
"Love One Another", went on to become one of the 21 Precious Moments figurines to make their debut at a trade show in Chicago that Fall. The Original 21, as those first pieces are called, were highly successful and Precious Moments quickly began expanding as Sam Butcher, Eugene Freedman and Yasuhei Fujioka teamed up to bring more of Butcher's messages of loving, sharing and caring to the world. To date, the Precious Moments collection includes over 1,600 pieces; including ornaments, bells, plates, hinged boxes, thimbles and more.

The images and photos on this page are Disney. All such copyright material is acknowledged.

Manufacturer:  Enesco
Model:  Snow White
Brand:  Precious Moments


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