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Walt Disney Collectors Society
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Walt Disney Art Classics 2006 Membership Gift, Ariel And Gift Completer, Members-Only "Scuttle" Sold Seperately "Sold Out" $100.00
About the sculptures:

Scuttle is available as the 2006 Instant Redemption Membership Sculpture (sold separately).

Disney begins the 2006 Society year at sea. This year’s irresistible Membership Gift sculpture features exquisite Ariel poised to beguile. No one seems more impressed with the beautiful mermaid than faithful pal Scuttle the seagull. And when you join or renew your Membership, you not only receive Ariel, but the opportunity to purchase the loveable, laughable Scuttle companion piece as well. Entitled “I’d follow her anywhere,” Ariel’s enamored friend appears to be dreaming. Ariel is dreaming, too…only of something much deeper… the discovery of her true love. The 2006 membership kit with Ariel sells for $100.00 and Scuttle sells for $40.00.

Exclusive Benefits for 2006 members of the Walt Disney Collectors Society that join or renew from Janurary 1 thru Dec 31st 2006. Sosiety benifits are only available if you join or renew between Janurary 1st and Dec. 31st 2006.

•Opportunities to purchase Members-Only Sculptures and Personalized Membership Card.

*Full-Color Lithograph of Ariel based on the artwork.

•A Sketch Lithograph of the concept art for the Ariel membership Gift Sculpture.

•A Charming Exclusive Membership Pin Featuring Ariel.
•Subscription to quarterly magazine “Sketches” and “Newsflash” Newsletter.

*Personalized Membership Card and Walt Disney Classics Collection Catalog.

Available January 1. 2006 thru December 31, 2006

Scuttle is available as the 2006 Instant Redemption Membership Sculpture (sold separately). Scuttle is available January 1, 2006 thru March 31, 2007

Walt Disney Art Classics 2005 Membership Gift, Belle And Gift Completer, Members-Only Sheep Sold Seperately SOLD OUT, OUT OF STOCK, NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR ORDER) $50.00
About the sculptures:

Belle, the 2005 Membership Gift Sculpture is 'free' with paid 2005 Membership.

Sheep is available as the 2005 Instant Redemption Membership Sculpture (sold separately).

Sheep - Only available to order from January 01, 2005 to March 31, 2006.

Redemption forms will be mailed to all active WDCS members.

Belle is sculpted by Dusty Horner.

Figurine: Belle
Title: "Bookish Beauty"
Size: 4"
Release Date: January 2005
Price: $50.00

Figurine: Sheep:
Title: "Curious Companion"
Size: 3-3/4"
Release Date:January 2005
Price: $35.00

WDCC Bambi: "The Young Prince" $50.00

Bambi: "The Young Prince"

Only one society can give you the gift of Disney Magic -- The Walt Disney Collectors Society celebrates Disney's magical legacy through the sculptures of the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Created by Disney artists, these award-winning sculptures bring to three-dimensional life actual film moments from Disney's most unforgettable animated classics. The Walt Disney Classics Collection represents the finest in porcelain artistry available in the collectible world.
As the wide-eyed fawn takes his first few steps into an exciting and new world his spindly legs don't want to cooperate. The little deer takes a tumble and his precious new friend Thumper decides then and there, to guide the young prince through all the fun and wonder the forest has to offer.

This moment of wonder comes to life with the 2004 Membership Gift Sculpture -- ''The Young Prince'' -- available free with paid membership. This exquisite piece is a masterful work of art that will enchant and enthrall, and allow you, like Bambi and Thumper, to step into a World of Wonder! 3 3/4'' H. Porcelain. Imported. Certificate of Authenticity.

Exclusive Benefits for 2004 Members of the Walt Disney Collectors Society include:

Free ''The Young Prince'' Sculpture
Opportunities to purchase Members-Only Pieces
Full Color Lithograph of Bambi and Thumper based on the artwork of Walt Disney Classics Creative Director David Pacheco
A Sketch Lithograph of the concept art for the Bambi Membership Gift Sculpture
Complimentary Subscriptions to Sketches Magazine and ''NewsFlash'' Newsletter
Personalized Membership Card
Exclusive Membership Pin featuring Bambi
Advance notice of new releases and special events
Walt Disney Classics Collection Catalog

WDCC Thumper: "Did the Young Prince Fall Down" $35.00
Thumper: "Did the Young Prince Fall Down"...

The young prince needs a helpful guide -- so here comes Thumper! Can you imagine Bambi without his foot-thumping, rib-tickling pal? It's unthinkable! Society Members have the exlusive opportunity to obtain Thumper as the Instant Redemption Membership Sculpture at a special Members-Only price. Bambi can't do without his best buddy -- and in fact, who can resist this lovable little bunny?

Thumper stands 3" in height and comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity.


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